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For the bold, the brave, and those with an unrealistically high tolerance for pain, we suggest a
classic brow shaping experience at Benefit’s Brow Bar. The browmasters behind the counter
are trained professionals, and can spot an eyebrow in need of attention at 20 paces. Nadia is this
locale’s ace—she’ll hook you up. The price tag is slightly higher than what you’d find elsewhere,
but your $20 gets you totally trimmed-up and ready for action. The only drawback we see to
hitting up this pro spot is that once you’re done, you’re surrounded by the temptation of new
cosmetics (and adorable cosmetic sets, omg). Benefit Brow Bar in Bloomingdales, Bloomingdale’s, 900
North MIchigan Avenue (at Walton Street); 312-440-4233.

CHICAGO Pop 5: Best Spots For a Brow Shaping The signature brow arch service begins with
a consultation to determine your best brow shape and ends with a brightened, lifted look. While
all of the locations have awesome pros, Nadia at the Bloomingdale’s Benefit Brow Bar (900 N.
Michigan Ave., 312-440-4233) has quite the loyal following; call in advance to make sure she’s